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Website Work and Projects

Because of the need for almost everything to have a website, I have never had a hard time finding someone that needed their website redesigned. Over the years I have worked with a number of web languages including, but not limited to, HTML, XHTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, Flash, PHP, XTemplates, ASP, MYSQL, XML, XSLT and to top it all off a little .NET. Below are a few of my favorite works. While a few can still be accessed, most are lost to the constant changing face of the web.

SN Image

Somnium Nexus Website - sn.efeion.com

My senior project Somnium Nexus needed a good website to show it off, while doing beta testing and for after presenting it. This was one of my first fixed width websites, as I usually lean towards full width, which while more complicated is worth it. However, I thought that a fix width would look better, and I do think that over all the website turned out quite well.


Cady Image

CADY Inc Website - www.cadyinc.org

CADY Inc is non profit group dedicated to helping prevent drug use with the youth. They where in desperate need of a website redesign and update from their old site, which I was happy enough to work on while I was employed as a student IT Technician and after graduating. The complete site redesign was completed over a two weeks period, followed by a few weeks of off and on content tweaking. Currently working on adding content management pages and a custom forum. The website was replaced in 2010 with a new look when hosting company generously donated free hosting services.


htmlcss phpsql javascript
Hydro Image

Hydro Project - hydro.efeion.com

In an attempt to see just how far I can push javascript to the limit, I present the Hydro Project. It is a fan made 2D race engine for simple, but still Hydro Thunder like racing based around the HTML5 canvas tag. It pulls in vector based course files to build custom water races, with the posibility of multi player support already in the works via ajax and a mysql/php backend. Is it perfect? NO! This is javascript afterall, but it does work. Currently at the back of my project list for the time being.


htmlcss phpsql javascript

Prescott Brokerage Services Website - www.pbsgo.com

I interned as a webmaster at PBS and spent the summer of 2008 redesigning their website. The redesign was easy enough, it was the content transfer that took the longest time to finish. Also spent some time writing a stock ticker and Ad system for the website in ASP. The brokerage has closed and the website is no longer accessible.


htmlcss aspjavascript
AMS Image

Plymouth AMS Chapter Website - Not Longer Available

I was asked by the Co President of the chapter, at that time, if I would help them out by redoing their old website. The original website consisted of old frontpage files, so I spent the winter break working on a php driven content management back-end that would allow them to easily update the website online. Later I has fun adding some extras like random 404 pages, and a title banner that changes with the time of day. The site is no longer updated by me, but some of the design changes that I implemented appear to be still in use.


htmlcss phpsql javascript
ResForm Image

CTS Reservation Form - Not Available To The Pubic

The Classroom Tech Services online reservation form allows student and faculty to request equipment, and view current and older requests. This was based on old practices of using a hoard of hidden fields to propagate data through pages, I updated this to use sessions with PHP, as well as updated the look and functionality up to the requirements of the current CTS manager at the time.


htmlcss phpsql javascript
Toolkit Image

CTS Toolkit - Not Available To The Pubic

The online toolkit is the main way that Classroom Tech Services at Plymouth State University keeps track of loans and equipment tin the various classrooms across campus. I redid the interface and added to the php back-end over the two years that I worked at CTS.


htmlcss phpsql javascript
The P Image

thePlymouth Game Website - No Longer Available

My first heavely designed web programing based class project was for my client server class. It allowed players to play online in my "thePlymouth" game which was written in Java for my client server final. (A fun earily derivative of my current SN Project.) To chalenge my self, the website was driven by xml files that used an xslt style sheet to parse them as webpages.


xmlxslt cssjava

Older Site Work

I started working with html over ten years ago, and since then have created numerous little project sites, sadly most where swept away with closings of the different free hosting services I have used in the past. However from these stepping stone sites of my youth, I have gained the skills needed to create the sites I have proudly listed above. Im excited to see what I will be capable of even further down the line!


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My Software Projects

I have always believed that the best way to achieve a large amount programing and hardware experience is to work on your own personal projects. Here are a few of the software projects that I have developed because of boredom, necessity, or personal interest.

Somnium Nexus

The largest and most complex project I have been working on so far has already spanned four years of off and on work. Check out the official website for more info on the SN Project, including the latest builds avalable for download and development screenshots.



SSH Messenger

SSH Messenger is designed to be a simple (and free!) way to use the built in SSH abilities of the Mac OS to send automated commands to a remote mac that then uses the osascript dialog commands to make a alert dialog popup. Of course this application takes care of all the backend terminal work for you and instead gives an easy to use interface. This was a fun ten hour project that uses a Objective C front end to control a expect powered shell script on the back end.
Read more here...




A while ago I was introduced to the online web game Jam Legend, so I checked out the site. The premiss is the same as any of the music games, you hit the notes as the move on the screen. I played for a while, then got bored and forgot about it till this week. However, after playing it again, and getting bored again, I decided to create my own challenge and finally check out the Robot class in java to see if I could create a program that could play it for me. I was quite happy with what I devised, though there is plenty of room for improvement.
Read more here...



Make Auto Home Controller

A challenging multi team project that I had my final year as an undergrad. We had to create a smart house control system using five different embedded Make programing kits. Each team took on a part of the home, I happily selected the main controller as I knew it would be a challenge. As far as I could tell my code worked quite well and was efficient too, however due to some teams not finishing on time it is up in the air if it actually works with other Make kits. Still check out the code below as I am quite proud of how it turned out, and the more than 50 hours I put into learning it from scratch.
Check out the code.



Fortran 95 BattleShip

One of the hardest parts of programing in fortran is that there is little to no information online. So I released the source code and exe for my BattleShip ship game, hoping that someone would find it useful. Apparently it was because it has already been downloaded over 80 times!
Check it out here.



Java Simple Physics

Well with classes over, I wanted to at least do something with the year of University Physics torture I have endured. Thus I present Java Simple Physics. It is just a quick physics example that uses the kinetic and potential relationship to have balls with different gravity constants drop then bounce with no loss of energy. It took a few hours to get right, mostly because I either did not know what I was doing, or was over complicating things. I hope to slowly improve on this concept till I have a VERY simple physics engine. Hey, it can only help to have a physics engine laying around, one day I might actually need one.
Read more here...



Lejos Tools

I am quite proud of the final result and only took about a week of using/upgrading, plus a bit of unix scripting on the back end to get it to the point where I was happy enough to just bring my laptop to lab and use it instead. Also now that the class is over I spent a little time to clean it up a bit more and make it more usable for people other than me. If you are looking for a quick solution or are planing on doing something similar I hope it can be as helpful to someone else as it was for me. Also I have included the source with it, because I have no plans to continue development. All I ask is if someone uses the code send some credit my way as a developer. Otherwise enjoy...
Read more here...



My iPhone/Touch Software Projects

I have an iPod Touch that I have enjoyed using, so I finally sat down and started writing my own software in Objective C.

Cydia users can quickly access my projects by adding www.efeion.com/repo/ to their Cydia sources list.



It was only a matter of time till EpicGame was ported to i(Phone/Touch). This was a fun project as it required porting the orginal VB classes to Objective C. Also, I got a chance to play with the CGContext classes for simple drawing in UIViews. You will need to have a jail broken device to install this, as I am not paying Apple $99 to give out a free application. Enjoy.
Check it out here or download a copy here or install it from the Games section in Cydia if you added my repo.


Objective C


After ten hours or so of teaching my self objective c, I can now present BlackOut and simple lights out game. You need to have a jail broken device to install this, as I am not paying Apple $99 to give out a free application. Enjoy.
Check it out here.


Objective C

My Other Projects

Software engineering is fun, however I always find myself inspired to work on other strange or interesting things, here are a few favorites I have worked on in the past...

Daft Punk Helmet

For Halloween 2011 I took on the chalenge to design and build a replica of Thomas Bangalter's helmet from the band Daft Punk. It required a mix of paperwork, bodywork, sanding, circuity and programing. Check out the link for a video of it in action and how it was made.
Check it out here.


iBook Photo Frame

What do you get when you have the ability to get broken iBooks off surplus for a dolar and a local Walmart with photo frames? A digital picture frame computer which is complete overkill, but still looks awesome!
Check it out here.


Custom DDR Pad

I have always loved the idea behind the DDR games, so after getting a copy of stepmenia, I had to build my own dance pad as well. Over several years the controller board and the pad itself have been upgraded, to it current working and almost indestructible form.
Check out controller v.2 here.
Check out Pad v.4 here.


iPod touch wood case

An interesting wood working project resulting from my habit of making wood cases for any iPod I get.
Check it out here.